HR Outsourcing

Competence and Confidence is our Pride in HR Outsourcing

Our HR outsourcing services in Uganda allow your business to subcontract a variety of tasks which include the following:

  • Recruitment and staffing: We handle the entire recruitment process, from job posting and sourcing to the selection and onboarding of new hires.
  • Employee benefits administration: We manage employee benefit programs, including enrollments, changes, and claims processing.
  • Payroll processing: We also handle the calculation, processing, and distribution of payroll checks and related tax withholdings which reduces pressure on the company.
  • Employee training and development: Infocode provides training and development programs to help employees improve their skills and advance in their careers through our online platform called
  • Performance management and employee evaluations: We assist in creating and executing performance management and employee evaluation processes to enhance employee performance and productivity.
  • Employee relations and dispute resolution: In here, we provide support for employee relations and handle disputes or conflicts between employees or between employees and management for your company.
  • Succession planning and talent management: Infocode develops and implements plans to identify and develop future leaders and critical talent to ensure business continuity.
  • HR strategy development and implementation: We help organizations develop and implement HR strategies that support their overall business goals.
  • We enable you to make a choice from range of packages provided by national medical insurance carriers
  • Have your employees access to insurance packages in short- and long-term disability, life, and personal accident
  • We can help you reduce costs on payroll, accounting & benefits
  • Payroll Tax Filing with the Uganda Revenue Authority & LST (Local Government)
  • Rely on knowledgeable consultants when facing tricky employment relations challenges
  • Get the right workers compensation insurance package
  • Receive on time assistance with many employment-related salary entitlements and audits